The Grain Hoppers

(self release) from Richmond, VA

Suggested Singles:
"Butter Churn" (track #1)
"I'm Not In My Right Mind" (track #5)

Download the album here

Wallace Dietz learned to strum guitar in his college dorm, following along to a Neil Young chord book. Soon after, he fell in love with the Feelies, beginning his journey fronting his long running indie pop band the Silent Boys, now signed to Too Good to be True Records.

Ready to get back to his folk-rock roots, Wallace formed The Grain Hoppers in 2022, and their debut album found a receptive audience, rising to #153 in the national college radio charts. Over 75 stations played their songs, including Rodney Bingenheimer’s Sirius XM Underground Garage show.

For their second album, Fireflies Trapped in a Jar, The Grain Hoppers have taken a giant step forward sonically and production-wise, having honed their sound and vision playing shows in Austin, TX (SXSW) and their hometown of Richmond, VA.

George Laks, in between touring w/ Lenny Kravitz and Amanda Shires, found time to hop aboard and record keyboards for The Grain Hoppers’, lifting their songs to another level.

On "Butter Churn" George uses a B3 Hammond for a gospel undertone, giving it a soulful vibe that carries the song into the heavens. In addition to “Butter Churn,” other standouts include the 60’s psych-infused pop song “I’m Not In My Right Mind” with its sweeping strings, and the head-bopping, hard edged rocker “Bad News,” infused with addictive New Wave synth lines. The gang slows things down with the soul-searching ballad “Lonely Eyes"- Neil Young just might be hanging out with Wilco instead of REM on this one. And you don’t want to miss the closer, “Billye Sings,” a dreamy lullaby, inspired by Wallace’s non-verbal daughter.

The Grain Hoppers take cues from Neil Young, REM, X, Wilco, Spaghetti Westerns, and the Replacements. Imagine if Neil Young were 40 years younger, still kicking up sparks, and collaborating with REM. Now add some mood enhancing and atmospheric keyboards. That’s what you get with Grant Oliver’s dynamic guitar melodies, Blee Child’s dynamo drumming, Michael Click’s ever bouncing bass, Wallace’s impassioned vocals, and George's buoyant keys.